Celebrity Homes: Where does Ian Somerhalder Live Currently?

Ian Somerhalder has been in the limelight since his teenage years as a model and later as an actor. We best know the model turned actor Damon Salvatore from his role in the Vampire Diaries, a series that drove all of us crazy at its peak. The Vampire Diaries star was also cast in the hit series Lost and The Lost Boys, a vampire-themed comedy.

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The success of Ian Somerhalder has seen him live in one of the most luxurious celebrity spots in the country, which we shall talk about, including some things you never knew about Ian and more. But first, where does Ian Somerhalder live?

Where Does Ian Somerhalder Live?

We are excited about this yet another of our celebrity homes episodes. Ian Somerhalder lives in California with his family. The vampire diaries star loves to get outdoors, but the south has made a home for him. While Nikki and Somerhalder live in California, they are listing their four-bedroom and four-bathroom home for close to $4 million.

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Ian and Nikki are known to have paid for the home in Venice from Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer. This is a home I would want to live in. They bought the two-story house with a perfect landscaping for $2.85 million.

While Nikki and Ian Somerhalder lived in Los Angeles, they loved traveling and were never in one place. You will find most celebrities staying in Los Angeles, but Nikki and Ian never really settled there for life.

Ian had bought a house in Santa Monica in his early years as a model. After listing his Venice home, Ian moves to a farm with Nikki to escape the city life. The duo now raises goats, horses, cows, and dogs and seems happy where they are. Being a farm, they have various plants like rosemary and cucumbers. Nikki loves farming and knows how to

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The couple has many projects, including selling jewelry and running the Ian Somerhalder foundation.

Things You Did Not Know About IanSomerhalder

1) Who is Ian Somerhalder’s Wife?

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed (current wife) got married in 2015. There was a lot of spice around their relationship, and a lot happened before the two tied the know that would catch your attention. Ian Somerhalder had dated Nina Dobrev, his costar in vampire diaries. Their chemistry as characters in the Vampire Diaries spilled over to real life. This is not uncommon as we can see couples like Zendaya and Tom thriving.

Nikki Reed

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In 2013, Ian and Nina Dobrev, a Canadian actress, broke up. Their relationship lasted about three years before it ended. The good thing about this history is that Nina Dobrev is good friends with Nikki Reed, and this relationship has not affected their friendship.

Ian has dated superstars from other movies, including the American actress Nicky Hilton. Other people he dated include Maggie Grace and Kate Bosworth, and he allegedly had something with Ashley Greene.

2) Which Movies Has Ian Somerhalder Acted In?

Apart from the Vampire Diaries, in which Ian costarred perfectly with Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore, there are many other movies in which Ian has taken part. For example, Ian Somerhalder was part of Lost. However, the public always felt like his character, Boone Carlyle, was killed early in the movie, and the producers had to include him as a special guest star in the later episodes. Ian also appeared as a guest show in other CSI: Miami and Charmed series.

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Apart from Lost, Ian Somerhalder has taken part as “Luther Swann” in the tv series V Wars where he played as 0ne of the most important characters. Other movies in which Ian has taken part include the anomaly, kiss the ground, pulse, Marco polo, the framed, and more.

4) How Much is Nikki Reed Net Worth?

Nikki Reed is not known much for her money, but she is best known to have bailed her Ian Somerhalder out of his debt at some point. She did this sweetest thing, and it cemented their relationship even more. There is so much good that comes from her as she has a successful career.

Nikki Reed

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Nikki Reed has a net worth of $12 million due to her success in Hollywood. At the time of these numbers, she was just 1 million ahead of Nina. So it makes sense that they are friends because they seem to have much in common. Nina Dobrev moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles in 2015, and the two are close as ever.

5) When is Ian Somerhalder’s Birthday?

Ian Somerhalder’s date of birth is December 8, 1978. He has made the best of his years, starting his career at a very young age. Maintaining a career for that long is not easy for most celebrities, but Ian Somerhalder has managed to do it nonetheless.

Ian Somerhalder

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Ian was born under the name Ian Joseph Somerhalder. His parents are Robert Somerhalder and Edna Somerhalder.

6) Was Ian Somerhalder in Smallville?


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Ian is the kind of character you would see in Smallville. I think he would make a great Clark Kent. He has it in his blood. Ian Somerhalder acted in the role of Adam Knight in Smallville for six episodes in the tv drama.

7) How Long did Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Date Before Marrying

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Ian Somerhalder had been in over eight seasons of the vampire diaries, and Nikki was great with her character, Rosalie hale. This working condition made them familiar, and I can attribute this to them dating for a very short time before making it official. The two, Nikki and Ian, dated for about six months before making things serious. However, this is against the backdrop that they were familiar with each other at the point of dating.

8) Where is Ian Somerhalder from?

Covington, Louisiana

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Ian Joseph Somerhalder grew up in Covington, just 400 miles off New Orleans. To be specific, Ian grew up in St. Tammany parish and would spend a lot of time in downtown Covington, Louisiana. He lived in this laid-back small town on the North shore of Lake Pontchartrain with his older brother Robert. Ian also had a younger sister, and his character as a vampire makes sense as a middle child now that I think about it. But, of course, being a Louisiana native, this makes sense even more.

9) Was Ian Somerhalder a Model?

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While Ian is known best as a great American actor, he is a model turned actor. In his early years as a teenager, Ian was a model and a successful one, for that matter. However, Ian felt his modeling was not as mentally stimulating with time. Ian also got a lot of money but was broke for the time because his agency would bag the most of it. Therefore, Ian signed up for acting classes, and a few features later, we have one of the most memorable characters of our times.

Final Thoughts

I consider Ian and Nikki one of my favorite Hollywood couples. They seem to have known what they wanted out of each other, including where they will spend the rest of their life together. This couple has shared energy, which works perfectly for them. The bond they created on set translated into a real-life companionship, and now the two enjoy their life outside any busy city.

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