Hulu Error Code P-Dev320: How To Fix It

You have just set time aside to watch your favorite show on Hulu. Popcorn, remote, and cozy blanket check! Unfortunately, your chill session may be in jeopardy because of the dreaded ‘Hulu Error Code p-dev320.’ What is it about, and importantly, can you resolve it? Dive in for simple remedies that could work to help you get back to lounging!

But first…

Why Am I Seeing the Error?

Typically, a poor connection between your device and Hulu servers is the culprit. For instance, you may have a poor internet connection, a software issue with the version on your device, or the Hulu servers are down. Nevertheless, there are other issues that may be causing the error code p-dev320 because it is pretty general.

Since the error code can encompass any number of causes, you can try any of the following solutions. If this all sounds like rocket science, it isn’t. Troubleshooting will not be a complex process.

How to Resolve Hulu Error Code p-dev320: Step-by-Step Guide

1.  Narrow Your Search

Regardless of the device currently displaying the issue, trying to watch the same show on a different one. For instance, if you are on your phone, you could fire up your Roku stick and try to open the same show. If you receive the same error code, the issue might be with Hulu servers.

On the other hand, another device might not have the problem and play the video well. In this case, you have honed in on the origin of the issue- your initial device. Hence, you can try more targeted solutions we will discuss later. But first, let us look at what to do if both devices, or even multiple ones, show the Hulu error code p-dev320.

2.  Check if Hulu Is Down for Everyone

Some websites are dedicated to providing real-time information on whether certain domains are down. A popular example is You can head there and check if the Hulu servers are up and running. If the results and other users report a problem with Hulu, you can contact their customer support team, or wait until they resolve it. Additionally, you could double check with their official communication channels to see if the company has commented on it.

On the other hand, if these website monitoring sites are claiming Hulu servers are working, you may have an internet connection problem. Hence, try the next step.

3.  Are You Connected to the Internet?

Remember the two devices you used but got the error code p-dev320, but the Hulu servers are running? Well, connect each to a different internet connection and try them out. For instance, you could use cellular data on your phone and an ethernet connection from your router while on a desktop or laptop.

If the device with the error is your phone on cellular, check whether your plan has not run out. Similarly, you need to check whether your router is powered on and well connected if you see the error on your desktop, or any device relying on Wi-Fi.

Moreover, you can do a soft reset and turn the airplane mode on, then off. If a VPN is enabled, you may need to turn it off then reset the internet settings on your router. Finally, you may need to contact your ISP if you have no internet connection in general.

If you are sure of a stable connection, the Hulu error code p-dev320 might stem from software issues. The following steps should help you troubleshoot any potential software problem.

4.  Turn It off and on Again

Whenever you have a software problem, or even hardware, most experts will advice you to shut it off, then turn it on again. This tried and tested method works well, so there is no reason not to give it a shot. So, before you continue, merely restart the specific device showing the error code p-dev320. If that does not work, proceed with the following.

Depending on the device you are using, you need to navigate to the application settings, then force the Hulu app to close. Afterward, you can check whether the p-dev320 error is resolved.

a) Android

Those on Android will have to click on the Settings icon, go to Apps & Notifications, click on All Apps, find Hulu, then click on Force Stop and Confirm. Next, exit from these settings and click on the Hulu icon to launch it.

b) iOS

iOS users should attempt the same but by swiping from side-to-side. Once all the running apps are displayed, you can swipe through them until you find Hulu. Once there, swipe up on it to close it. Afterward, you can go back them find the icon to launch Hulu again.

c) Fire TV

Navigate to the Setting menu then select Applications then click on Manage Installed Applications. Find Hulu, then select the option to Force Stop. Afterward, go back to the home dashboard and launch the Hulu app again.

d) Apple TV

Press the TV button twice on the remote to access the application switching view. Once there, find Hulu then swipe up to force it to close. Finally, go back home and find the Hulu icon to relaunch the app.

5.  Clear Cache

If these options do not work, you may need to clear data and cache from the specific device. The process here is similar to trying to force close the app. However, instead of selecting that option, merely clear the cache. For instance, if you are using Fire TV click on the Settings icon, find Applications, then go to Manage Installed Applications. Once there, select the Hulu app, then Clear Cache and finally, Clear Data.

If you were experiencing the problem on a Mac or PC, you may need to clear the cookies for the Hulu website on the specific browsers. So, whether you are running Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge, the process is simple. You can update your browser if these options yield no fruits.

Note: when on iOS, you will need to delete then uninstall Hulu first. Next, install it from the App Store.

6. Update the Hulu App

If your internet connection is sound, you have cleared the cache and restarted the app but still receiving the error code p-dev320, you may need to update Hulu. If you do not have the current version of Hulu, regardless of the steaming device, you may encounter the issue.

This step is straightforward as you only need to go to the specific app store and check for an update manually. If there was an update available but was not picked up, you can check whether the device is set to check and install updates automatically. This strategy can help save you time and hassle next time. Additionally, the Hulu help center is a wonderful resource.

7.  Reinstall Hulu

Uninstall Hulu then reinstall it. Go for this step if the above did not work or you cannot update Hulu from the specific app store your device relies on. The latest version of the Hulu app might fix the error code p-dev320.


Unfortunately, if you watch your Hulu shows or movies from a Fire TV device, you are likely to encounter this issue more than once. However, Hulu is on the case, but there is no indication of when the issue might be resolved permanently. Still, you can contact them for assistance if all the above steps do not work. 

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