Where does Aphmau Live and How did She Rise to Fame?

Gaming has proven to be by far one of the most profitable things to do online. Having a YouTube channel can also make you a millionaire. Combining gaming and YouTube successfully means you can be a millionaire, and Aphmau has managed to pull it off. Aphmau, as an online gamer, started from a passionate point and later converted her skill.

With uploads of up to two per day sometimes, Aphmau gets the job done. Her efforts paid off with the Final Fantasy xi that saw her gain the presence she is currently enjoying. You may wonder, with all this success, where does Aphmau live?

1) Where Does Aphmau Live?

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Jessica Bravura, also known as Aphmau, lives in Bellevue, just outside Seattle, in Washington state. The big question is, how did Aphmau get to this point of her online success, with over 14 million subscribers today? Here is Aphmau’s rise to fame.

2) Who is Aphmau?

Aphmau is a YouTuber best known for online gaming, specifically Minecraft. Her Minecraft diaries captured a lot of attention and brought her success. So how did Aphmau end up playing video games?

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After the terrifying terrorist attack on 9/11, Jessica’s father pulled her out of school and home-

schooled her as a safety measure. During this period, Jessica got into online gaming, and the one that made all the difference was the Final fantasy xi because she would meet Jason here. Jess remembered how her parents surprised her with her first gaming console, and this would change her life forever.

3) Childhood

Aphmau was born in 1989 and was second after her older brother, who was ahead of her by 13 years. Not long after her birth, her parents separated, and she had to join her mother and brother at her grandparents’ home, which had an extended family including multiple cousins. All the boys got gaming consoles from her half-brother and, eventually, all her cousins except her. Naturally, this never went well with her.

Jessica’s parents shared custody of her, and she would visit her father occasionally. This was a time she looked forward to escaping the hectic house back at her grandparents’. But eventually, her mom and dad got back together, and this was when she got her gaming console.

During this time, Jess was nice to the point where she would get bullied. In middle school, Jess would give her lunch money to kids who had none. This led to her taking more interest in gaming, and this is where she met Jason (Dom).

4) How did Aphmau and Jason Meet?

Aphmau and Jason talked through gaming, and they became close friends with time. This sparked a relationship, and Jessica would visit Jason occasionally. While Jessica’s first online game was FreQuency for PS2, her gaming interest moved beyond just playing games for fun. She tried each new one that came out.

How did Aphmau and Jason Meet?

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Jason’s in-game name was Dom, and they would soon start dating. Jess would visit Jason in New Jersey from Texas occasionally as Jason lived there.

5) The Aphmau YouTube Channel

During their time, many YouTube channels made a killing out of commenting on games as this was the main thing everyone engaged in at that time. The industry was so strong that it is still one of the most sought after.

Aphmau Wallpaper

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Jessica’s former high school friends Calvin (Castor), Chris (Satiel ), and Jason (Dom ) Started a YouTube channel with Jess. They named the channel¬†Challenge Accepted inc.¬†This was back in 2012. The other channel members left due to personal reasons, leaving behind Dom and Jess. At this point, Jason and Jess renamed their channel to Aphmau Gaming. Not long after, Aphmau’s channel had over two million subscribers. This number was a big deal at the time.

6) Jess and Jason Love Life

Jess and Jason got close during this period of gaming in elementary school. Later, the occasional visits got them even closer. Once Jess turned 18, she decided to move and be with Jason. They got a cat named Johnny. At this time, Jess attended college to study business management.

Jess and Jason

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Jason had planned to propose to Jess, and the same year, Jess got pregnant. Jess and Jason started their next chapter in life and got married earlier at Disney World Resort. Jess gave birth and has since had two children. Jess’s finding out she was pregnant never overshadowed their love for gaming. She named the kids Joseph and Julia. You can see the letter play with the J’s;


7) Parenthood

Jess had decided long ago that she would be a stay-at-home mom because of the kids. While waiting for their child, the couple had spent time watching many YouTube videos and decided they would get their own. So they decided to split the roles on the channel, with Jason taking the more technical side and Jess would take on Minecraft Roleplays.

Jason and Jess Aphmau

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Jess and her husband Jason had saved enough money and bought a house in Bellevue. The family adopted a corgi puppy named Jet, adding to the J’s. The couple has settled in with their baby girl and boy to form a small happy family.

8) Gaming Content

It is being able to play games and share them that got Aphmau to where it is. The games posted on the Aphmau YouTube channel include the Human Fall Flat, Minecraft Mini-Games, Minecraft Roleplays, SnipperClips, Animations, and other games. She started with the Saints Row and Minecraft Tekkit series in the early days.

Gaming Content

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These games have made Aphmau some of the most popular videos on YouTube since its inception.

9) Aphmau Achievements

Jess is the 6th most subscribed female gamer on YouTube; this is no mean feat. Aphmau has seen a lot of channels being launched, including the Aphmau Fantasy Channel. Aphmau’s channel keeps growing in number by the millions, and a million views on YouTube is a big deal. Aphmau’s channel has over a billion watch hours, which is how you make money on YouTube.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Aphmau

a) What is Aphmau’s Net Worth?

Jess and Jason have about $20 million as their net worth. This is a result of YouTube, merch, and marketing. This is one reason most people are getting into YouTube or social media with a business sense.

Aphmau net worth

b) What Mods Does Aphmau Use?

While there is talk of Jason being the one who codes the gaming mods, there is a chance she is using Minecraft diaries, Mod Mod world, My Inner Demons, or MyStreet.

c) Is Ein Aphmau’s Half Brother?

Aphmau announced that Ein was not her brother. She issued this confirmation after word went around that Ein was her brother.

Final Thoughts

Aphmau saw a chance and took it. Jason and Jess tried their best regardless of how life happened around them, and now they are one of the most successful gaming channels on YouTube. Jess and Jason are successful enough to buy a house and feature in celebrity homes articles like this one.

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