How to Delete Discord Account from Your PC or Phone

You can easily chat with your friends online through different platforms. However, gamers understand that Discord is so far among the best and most important messaging apps. Gamers use it to chat in and out of gaming. Though, like any other app, you may want to delete it from your gaming PC or phone, especially if you don’t feel safe using the chat application. What if you do not know how to delete discord account?

Let’s just say, that won’t be a problem anymore as we are here to guide you. You can follow the steps below to permanently delete your discord account if you no longer need it.

How to Permanently Delete Your Discord Account

Some individuals prefer setting up servers instead, to organize conversations. However, you can still delete

Deleting Discord if you are a server owner will require you to either delete server or transfer ownership to someone else. Once you pass the keys to your castles, you can then delete the discord chat app. Let’s see how to delete Discord account.

i). Open Discord app on your computer and click the gear icon which you’ll see in the left corner of the screen, near your username.

ii). “My account” settings page will open. If it does not, open it from the left sidebar.

iii). Once you open “my account”, settings page, scroll down to find the delete account button located under account removal section.

iv). Next, click on the “delete account” button. This will take you where you will be greeted by a dialog box asking for your password and the 2FA code if it is enabled in your account.

v). Enter your password and the code then click on “delete account” this will lead to the permanent deletion of your Discord account. Note that once you click delete to make your account disappear, all your data will be deleted with the discord account.

How to Delete Discord Account Using Android or iOS App

To permanently delete your Discord account, you will not need a lot of time. The process is easy and simple. Let’s see how it goes.

i). The first step is to open the Discord app on your phone.

ii). At the bottom right of the navigation bar is the profile picture. Tap on it.

iii). Click on “my account” and scroll down to “delete account” then tap on it to delete your discord account.

iv). Once you click “delete account” you will see a dialog box requesting for your password and 2FA code. Enter the details required and tap on “delete account”. Click on the delete account then contact support to have the account deleted.

Did you know you can recover your deleted Discord account? Yes you can. If you deleted your account but you want it back, you have up to two weeks to recover it.

Once you confirm the deletion of your account, Discord will log a deletion request and deactivate the account. Your account will then be held for 14 days and if you don’t recover it, it gets deleted permanently.

After the 14 days if you don’t restore your account, the profile picture will be set to default and username changed to “deleted user”.

How to Transfer Ownership on Discord

As already mentioned earlier, if you are a server owner, you can only transfer ownership to someone else or delete the server. So, let’s see how to go about it if you are a server owner and you want to transfer ownership.

i). Open the Discord app

ii). Click the server name. You will see different options then select server settings.

iii). At the bottom left of the screen, you will see the option written “members” below the user management section.

iv). At this point, you’ll decide who gets your server. Once you make the decision on who to transfer ownership to, click on the three dots.

v). The dialog menu will open and once it does, click on “transfer ownership”.

This process will only take you a few minutes to complete. Once its done, your access retained within the server will get limited as per the set position and you will be just a regular member of the server.

How to Delete Server Account

Earlier on, we mentioned that you can also delete Discord servers. So, if you do not want to transfer it to a friend, you can delete it. You can do that by following this step-by-step process.

i). First, open the Discord app.

ii). Then, click on the server name under server settings.

iii). Below the user management section, you will see the “delete server” option. Click on that to complete your account deletion process.

iv). Once you press the delete server button, you will be asked to enter the account password to completely erase the server account.

You will be asked for the last to to confirm whether or not you want to delete the account. When you confirm, your Discord server will be deleted. However, you will have up to two weeks in case you change your mind and want the account back. After the two week period, you will not be in a position to retrieve or sign in to your Discord server again.

How to Disable a Discord Account on PC

Image: Discord Support

Did you know you can disable your Discord account instead of deleting it permanently? It’s even easier to do so if you have it on your desktop. So, if you would like to take a break from Discord for a while, it is only wise to disable it instead of permanently deleting it.

Disabling your Discord account rather than deleting it will help you save time that you would use to register for a new account when you’re ready to get back. So, how do you disable a Discord account on a computer? Let’s have a look.

i). Have the Discord app pulled up on the screen

ii). Log in to your Discord account then go to “user settings” which is the cog icon on the bottom left side of your screen.

iii). You will see “my account” tab, click on it and select “edit account”.

iv). Look at the bottom right of the window to see the disable account option. To disable your account, click on icon.

Note that once you disable your account you will not receive any notifications. However people will still be able to send you friend requests which remain pending till you reactivate it.

How to Disable Account on Mobile

Disabling a discord account on computer is a straightforward process. However, for mobile users, it is not as easy. You will have to go through the support page

i). Open the Discord app on your phone or mobile device.

ii). Log in to your account.

iii). Open your server settings list by tapping on the three dots on the top left corner of the screen.

iv). Then, tap on the Cog icon next your account name which open up the user settings.

v). Tap on “account” and from the screen, tap on the three white dots in the top-right corner.

vi). You will see the option to disable account. To complete disabling your discord account, you will have to send a request to the Discord support team for them to approve.

How to Restore a Discord Account

We already mentioned that when you delete your account, it does not get deleted immediately. The account goes into a pending deletion state for two weeks, that is 14 days. So, if you deleted your account accidentally, someone did it maliciously, or even if you change your mind about it, you can restore it within the given 14 days.

To restore your account, you need to follow the following steps;

i). Open the Discord app on your PC and log in to your account.

ii). You will see a message written “account scheduled for deletion”

iii). Below that message is a link to restore account. Click on the link to get back to your account. Log in and you will have your account restored.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Delete a Discord Account

1. Can a deleted Discord account be traced?

Once you permanently delete your discord account, the username and unique ID number are no longer connected i a meaningful way. Therefore, all the information you previously added to your account gets deleted, leaving no traces of them. This guarantees your safety and privacy as the data previously incorporated cannot be traced back to you.

2. Does Discord save your IP?

Discord uses a client-server architecture for all forms of communication; however, your IP is securely locked out of sight from the bad guys.

3. Why did Discord delete my account?

If you repeatedly post things that are deemed objectionable by Discord’s community guidelines, your account may be disabled. Some of the objectionable acts include making false complaints, bullying, spreading viruses, stealing passwords, and sharing cheating software.

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