How To Enable Screen Share On Discord Server

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Discord is quite popular among gaming groups, business groups, and social groups as well. However, are you aware of the screen share feature on the Discord app? There is screen share in Discord, and it is very simple to enable screen sharing. Let us look at how to enable screen share on Discord server in the next sections.

What Is Discord Screen Share?

Discord screen share feature is a setting that allows you to share your screen with multiple people at once. Discord’s screen share feature allows you to engage in video calls with up to nine people. It also allows you to share your desktop screen. The screen sharing feature, video call, and live chatting are also very useful.

Discord screen share feature is one of the most loved applications out here. Apart from screen sharing, live chatting and video call, the application makes gaming easier and fun. You don’t have to game yourself in silence. You can now create a gaming platform very easily and interact all the time with other gamers.

The app settings give you access to the video calling features and camera access. This enables communication on the platform on all fronts. You can call, have video conferences and chat at the same time while simultaneously sharing desktops. So how do you enable screen share on Discord? Let us find out in the sections below.

How To Screen Share On Discord Server

The screen share feature on Discord is an awesome way to start a video call, voice call, and a text chat platform. It is very easy to use this platform, and the screen share mode is also easy to set up. It is a well-designed screen-sharing solution, and you get to share visual information very easily.

1) On the right side of your desktop version, navigate to “settings.” Next to your username, the settings will appear in the form of a cog icon.

2) The app settings drop-down menu will appear, and you can select “voice and video settings.” The voice settings are easily visible in the provided list.

3) You will then select the “video settings” section then proceed to select your video camera icon provided. It will appear in another drop-down box.

The above procedure is an effective way of screen sharing on the Discord server. Additionally, you might not be using the application on a discord window. This might also mean you haven’t installed it. There is no problem you can still use all the features. However, you just have to allow camera access with Discord permission.

How To Allow Screen Sharing With Friends

As you game or conduct business meetings with friends and colleagues on the discord homepage window, you might want to allow screen share with friends. You can follow the following steps as they are stated.

a) If you are on call with a friend, proceed to your call profile and select “share screen.”

b) There are three sharing modes on the Discord app. First, the screen share icon can allow you to share your entire screen. The second option is to share the application window only. Lastly, you can share the browser application window only.

These methods allow you to share your screen or monitor screen while also being mindful of your privacy. Furthermore, the screen share features can also be used on a smartphone screen. Let us find out below.

How To Screen Share On Smartphone Screen

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The Discord mobile app enables screen sharing on your mobile device. If you are using your phone, you can still screen share or join a video call or video chat in a few steps.

i) Open the Discord app on your phone

ii) Access the server you are working with

iii) On the bottom of your screen, tap “join voice.”

iv) Next, click on the cog icon on the bottom of your screen to screen share. You will definitely need to confirm that you want to screen share.

v) After you confirm this, your mutuals will now be able to see your screen share.

Different smartphones have different layouts. Hence you will find other user settings in different parts of your monitor screen.

Useful Features To Know If You Are A Discord Desktop Client

A windows desktop screen is easy to navigate if you use Discord. The user interface on Discord will be more user-friendly as well. You can also share sound by enabling screen share. Here are some ways to improve your stream quality on Desktop with Discord screen share.

a) Using The Expand Down Arrow

The expand down arrow is located on the top left corner of your screen. To expand the size of your screen when using Discord screen share, click on it to expand the screen to full screen.

b) Switching From Video chat To Screen Share

If you are currently on a video call, you can still easily switch to Discord screen share. Then, on the Discord window, click on the Discord screen share icon. This will immediately switch you to screen sharing as you are on call. You can now share visual information with screen share mode.

c) The Mute Feature And User Settings

At the bottom of your settings page, you can easily toggle the sound. In addition, you can mute or unmute as you please. The appropriate icon for this resembles a microphone. You can mute yourself during online presentations as well to control your audio output. The user settings page is also located on the Discord homepage

d) Leave The Call Feature

You can easily leave calls even on a live stream with this feature. The button doesn’t ask you for confirmation. Instead, it will simply drop the call without any warning. The button appears on the video call screen or even the share screen.

e) Toggle Screen

This feature enables you to expand your screen to fit your whole monitor. A full screen is better for a video call as well as to show visual information. The Discord icon for toggle screen is visible as soon as you open the Discord browser app. The full-screen icon is useful in situations where you need more screen space.

However, you should note that you can simply press the “ESC” button on your keyboard to go back to a smaller screen.

f) Share Your Screen And Sound Simultaneously

How amazing is this feature? As you Discord screen share, you can also share sound. This is perfect for voice channels as well. Additionally, after selecting the screen share icon, you can toggle the sound from the application window.

g) Video Marquee

Marquee causes elements on a monitor to move left or right or up and down. On Discord screen share, this feature allows you to focus on a specific user. To do so, you should simply have to click on the users’ avatar. As you focus on one user, other users’ avatars will be arranged in a marquee on one side.

To switch focus from person to person, all you have to do is click on the persons’ avatar. This feature is especially great for complete video calling and chatting. Of course, you can very easily share your screen as well.

h) Toggle Camera Icon

The toggle camera icon is placed on the bottom center of your screen. You can tap this button to toggle your camera. This switch camera icon will toggle your camera view on or off when you want. You can keep your video call ongoing and use other parts of your desktop as well. You can also join a voice channel. However, you can only join one voice channel at once.

What If My Discord Screen Share Isn’t Working?

These problems happen with every application. The measures we have listed below should solve your problem. If they don’t solve your problem, then it might be your video and audio hardware giving you problems. The quick and easy fixes we have highlighted below are the norm for most people with Discord.

Of course, facing a few problems here and there on Discord. However, it is an excellent platform. For gamers, it is crucial, especially with games that require groups. The video call feature and screen share features are especially important.

However, if your discord sharing and video call doesn’t work, turns black, or is unresponsive, you can do the following:

  • Restart your device
  • Restart the screen share on Discord
  • Check and update your GPU
  • Uninstall then install the Discord app

The Bottom Line

In the sections above, we have explained how to screen share on Discord, as well as fix any minor issues that may appear. Screen time doesn’t have to be done in silence. You can always invite your friends to interact on Discord.

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