What Is Projector Audio? Tips to Get Rid Of the Issue

What Is Projector Audio?

An estimated one billion people worldwide use Google Drive, making it one of the most popular cloud storage services. But it’s been an issue for Android users for quite some time that when a Bluetooth headset is connected to an Android device, the ‘Projector Audio’ notice appears in Google Drive. So, what is projector audio?

According to a Google Support forum thread, customers are still having trouble with this issue, which has been present for more than a year. However, it is unclear whether or not this “Projector Audio” message is a problem because Google has not provided any clarification.

Users of Google Drive have expressed concern over the fact that they cannot remove this message from their notification panel. However, the prompt can still be removed in several ways.

What Is Projector Audio?

A projector push notification is a bug brought on by Bluetooth devices and Google Drive Audio Player not communicating properly.

It’s unclear what causes this problem. However, it seems to occur when a wireless headset is linked to the device. The Drive Audio Music Player is a Google Drive add-on that lets you listen to music files saved in GDrive.

What Is Projector Audio?

According to users, when you play Drive audio or any other audio file via Bluetooth, the notification remains on the notification bar long after you stop playing the music or turn Bluetooth off.

In most cases, restarting your device will resolve the issue, but if that doesn’t work, try one of the solutions we’ve compiled from the Google Drive Community forum and Reddit support threads below.

How to Fix Google Drive Projector Audio Notification

Google Drive works seamlessly with Android devices, letting you back up your phone or tablet files to the cloud. You can back up items like photos, videos, documents, and information on your Android device.

Recently, customers have complained about an issue with Google Drive notifications. An unmovable Audio Projector notification remains on the top bar even after you try to swipe it away. Below are a few fixes we discovered for the Google Drive Audio Projector Notification error.

1. Play Some Music and Exit the App

How to Fix Google Drive Projector Audio Notification

A large majority of users have voted this as their preferred approach. Launch an audio file from your Drive library. Close the Google Drive app and turn off the audio. The alert will no longer be present. Alternatively, you can start the music in Drive and instantly quit the program.

2. Force Stop

How to Fix Google Drive Projector Audio Notification

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If that doesn’t work, you can close the Google Drive app in Android’s settings by using the “Force Stop” option. This will end the Drive app’s background operations and fix the Audio Projector Notification problems. Here are the actions to take;

  • Choose “Settings” from the menu.
  • Launch the Apps and select All Apps, App Management, and Apps & Notifications.
  • Navigate to the Drive app.
  • Select Force Stop after opening the option.

3. Turn off the Audio Notification

How to Fix Google Drive Projector Audio Notification

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Since it simply removes the Drive notification from the bar but leaves it functioning in the background, this solution is not recommended. Nonetheless, you can test it out if you’d like to;

  • Press and hold the Drive Notification.
  • Click on the Gear Icon on Google drive or the Setting icon.
  • Click on the Notification Settings icon.
  • Open the Notification Settings page, navigate to the Audio section and select the option to turn off the Audio Service.
  • Turn OFF Audio Service Notification

4. Clear Google Drive’s Cache and Data

How to Fix Google Drive Projector Audio Notification

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This is another approach that consumers can take. The only thing that will be lost if you clear the data and cache is the app’s settings preferences; any data saved in Drive will still be there.

It is safe to delete the information, as nothing will be lost. If you have an Android device, here is how to delete all Google Drive information and cache.

  • Open the Google Drive app on your iPhone or Android device.
  • Select Settings by tapping on the hamburger menu (three vertical lines).
  • Tap Clear Cache and then confirm under the Documents cache section.
  • Delete the cache on Google Drive.


Some of these solutions merely turn off the notification, while others postpone it without providing a lasting solution. For example, when a Bluetooth headset is plugged in, it seems as though Android tries to install the most recent audio app.

As a result, Google Drive is only cached, and the “Projector Audio” message is displayed. As the tech giant has been unusually silent on the topic, this is all speculation.

Hopefully, Google will investigate this and either offer a more thorough explanation for this question or solve it for good if the problem is real.

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